Passive Current transformer Series IE modular

closed-loop current transformers

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Passive Current transformer Series IE modular

closed-loop current transformers


In the case of bushing-type current transformers, the customer’s primary wire is pushed through the current transformer opening in the housing. The push through opening depends on the size of the primary current. Wound primary type current transformers have a primary winding and a secondary winding. Both windings are applied on the closed toroidal core and are isolated from each other by insulation. This principle applies mainly where primary currents are small. Low-voltage current transformers for the proportional transformation of large currents to directly measurable smaller current values


  • Bolts or flat plug connection
  • Bushing-type current transformers for direct conductor feedthrough
  • In-phase current representation
  • Accuracy classes: 1; 0.5 ; 0.2
  • Toroidal cores made of high-quality magnetic cores
  • Frequency range 16 2/3 to 400 Hz optional
  • In-house core production: Special designs are possible
  • High core output power and high-quality insulation (UL)
  • Electrically isolated primary and secondary circuits
  • Easy-to-assemble modular-type housing
  • Variable connections, e.g. bolts, flat plugs, litz wires
  • Wide range of housings with various push-through openings
  • Very long lifetime

Typical applications

Industry,Renewable energy sources,Railway engineering,Energy,automation and building technology

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm

Voltage rise (<200V / us) and distortion...

The series D 158 can be used as braking...