MPS-Protective cover protection from moisture protection from stone chips High level of abrasion resistance


To provide the necessary outdoor protection against pantograph abrasion, brake dust, metal abrasion, snow and ice, our components are silicone coated in addition to impregnation.

REO products are used in the most adverse conditions all over the world, in temperatures of more than 40 °C in deserts or at -30 °C in mountainous regions. It is essential that water, salt, corrosive media and mechanical influences such as vibrations or oscillations do not have a negative impact. REO’s heavy duty components have been specially designed to cope with these environmental conditions.

The Moisture Protection System (MPS) protective coating is an essential element of REO’s insulation system and is one of the greatest USPs of REO’s components. Our specially developed MPS protective coating is available exclusively from REO. It provides your components with longterm, reliable protection from all kinds of environmental influences. To provide the necessary outdoor protection against pantograph abrasion, brake dust, metal abrasion, snow and ice, our components are finished with this special protective coating in addition to VPI impregnation. This gives you the opportunity to expose the built-in components (IP20) to unfiltered cooling air; a major benefit with regard to railway construction flexibility.

REO uses this MPS protective coating for pollution degree PD3A or higher. REO offers this protective coa- ting in REO Extreme or REO Mix and Match format. In order to ensure the safety of persons and components, REO provides high levels of protection. At present, we offer a protection class value of up to IP67 in a wide range of products. REO components must prove their high resistive value under the most stringent of test conditions. These include shock and vibration tests, salt spray tests, cold and heat tests or tests regarding impermeability or fire protection.

REO only applies the coatings and paints in strict compliance with the necessary safety measures. Elaborate filter systems and safety standards ensure that the impact on both humans and nature is reduced to a minimum.

REO offers this protective coating in REO Xtreme or REO Mix & Match format

The benefits of REO insulation systems

  • Best level of protection from moisture
  • Excellent protection from stone chips
  • High level of abrasion resistance (desert sand resistant)
  • Suitable for pollution degree > PD3
  • High level of tracking resistance (CTI > 600V)

With REO Mix & Match, you can choose from a wide range of options to get the best possible product for your use.

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MPS-Protective cover

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