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Thanks to many years of experience in the electrical industry, REO has a high level of technological know-how in the field of electronic and inductive components

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REO components such as inductive and ohmic components are used in a wide variety of industries around the world. The most common sectors such as rail technology, drive technology, testing technology or medical technologyare given below for orientation. You can use these industries to display the appropriate standard products and solutions or switch to our appropriate topic websites.

Of course, REO is also active in many other industries and some of the products can also be used across industries. The REO experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Vibration conveyor technology is a special area within industrial conveyor technology for transporting a tremendously wide range of goods such as assembly parts, electronic items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, groceries, etc. Whether aligning, collecting, conveying, degreasing, draining, distributing, lifting, guiding, sorting, dosing or distributing conveyed goods, vibration conveyor technology enables many processing stages to be automated and is an efficient and accurate monitoring method for the conveying process.

Without electricity, modern testing and operation methods would not be possible – if it is computer tomography, ECG or treatment at the dentist. On the one hand, the use of electricity has replaced or improved traditional treatment methods, and on the other, it has made specific processes possible for the first time. Transforming and monitoring electric current are tasks that REO has sought progressive solutions since 1925.

The future will be electric – the future starts now. Our experience in the field of electronic components means that we shape technological developments and product developments on the market. In our view, e-mobility is far more than the mere electrification of a car. We think in holistic terms: from electrically powered cargo ships, trucks or planes through effective storage and conversion of current to linking data streams for the smart use of scarce resources.

Inverters are used both in wind and solar power plants, and they achieve the highest levels of efficiency. However, faults do arise, and they must not enter into the network or affect the function of other electrical devices in order to achieve the PowerQuality standard. REO has 90 years of experience on the inductive and resistive component sector and also has a wide product range and extensive expertise, particularly regarding EMC and PowerQuality for inverter technology.

Drive technology is becoming more and more energy efficient by means of modern frequency inverters. These powerful control units generate strong electric interference signals for the motor supply line, which have a negative impact on the motor and on other users as well. In order to ensure reliable, long-term function of all drive components, electric interference signals should be reduced as far as possible. In this case there are generally many different influences, such as voltage gradient (du/dt), interference and surge currents, EMC behaviour, harmonic waves, etc. which must be taken into account.

REO is developing and producing an extremely wide range of testing systems for our customers. The range covers sources with voltage, current and frequency control as well as inductive and resistive load units for a wide range of applications.

Many areas in modern industry require a great deal of energy, which requires monitoring. Whether heating in coating plants, industrial furnaces, melting silicon crystals or electrochemical production processes, highly efficient power supplies are required everywhere.

Under the PowerQuality brand, REO aims to foster a holistic approach that covers both the network and consumer sides. This means optimum results in maintaining the quality of our power supply is very much our primary interest.

Railways, metros or high-speed trains travel to increasingly remote corners of the planet as one of the safest means of transport. The railway network continues to grow at a steady rate, enables towns and countries to grow together and is an engine for economic growth and well-being. REO aims to help contribute to trains being safer now and in the future.

REO Digital Connect 4.0

We are a technology company with extensive expertise in the field of modern process and software technology.

REO Digital Connect 4.0 was founded in 2017 as a start-up company to bundle and develop the competencies in the field of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

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