High quality, performance and trust – core values of the REO water cooling system


›› Optimal temperature behavior of the component increases the performance

In addition to an optimal temperature behaviour of the component, water cooling enables high performance and ensures a longer service life of the components. The entire body of the component is at an optimum temperature even under full load. Therefore, water-cooled REO components can also be used in applications where air cooling is not possible. This is the case, for example, with particularly compact systems where there is little room for air circulation.

Despite all the technical advantages, however, the basis for using water-cooled REO components is confidence in the tightness – especially in the compact systems. A water leak would destroy the electronics and mean failure of the entire unit. A standstill and expensive repairs would be the result.

To prevent this, REO attaches great importance to the use of reliable materials and tests all products for their resilience in elaborate simulations using stress tests. Over the decades, REO has earned the trust of customers worldwide in the quality and performance of its water-cooled components.


Let yourself be convinced by the high-quality, high-performance REO components with water cooling and trust in our products made in Germany with a clear conscience.