REO supports Formula Student Germany

For an all-electric future with DART Racing Team

REO AG provides components for electric racing cars

Test the borders of what is technologically possible and always seek to redefine them: with all-electric racing cars, whether autonomous or driven, the Formula Student Germany offers students the ideal conditions for research and competition. Starting now, REO AG will support the DART Racing Team in their hunt for glory by supplying them with components. 3,500 participants, 115 teams, 24 nations: Formula Student Germany is a student racing series with both autonomous and driven racing cars powered by either electric or conventional propulsion systems. It allows students to bring theory and practice together in a unique environment.

One such team is the DART Racing Team from TU Darmstadt, who can now benefit from components from the Solingen-based REO AG. The students reached out to REO themselves: “My project is based on developing a test stand for verifying and validating components. We came across REO AG early on in our search for suitable brake resistors, especially the 156 series. We were delighted that REO AG helped us so quickly and without complication.” Maximilian Frey, Powertrain – engine test bench, TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V.

As a manufacturer of inductive, resistive and electronic components, REO AG offers a broad product portfolio that the students can now take advantage of. The students’ request falls very much in line with the philosophy of this family company: “At the DART Racing Team, we met young, motivated people who share our passion and enthusiasm for technology,” explains Ruben Altmeier, head of marketing, adding: “We were immediately encouraged by their idea. The students design, construct and build their racing cars themselves. We provide the necessary components and therefore make a fundamental contribution to helping future engineers gather valuable experience in racing scenarios that can be very demanding, for both people and the technologies.”

Through this project, the students are asking some important questions of tomorrow: what is the future of the automobile? Do more efficient combustion engines or all-electric propulsion systems make sense? How can we make safer autonomous vehicles? The students are not alone with these questions. REO AG are also researching and developing the mobility concepts of tomorrow. Whether powered by battery or hydrogen, the future belongs to the electric motor. The use of REO components in racing cars provides invaluable insights that flow directly into product development. At the same time, the Formula Student Germany serves as an important cause bringing future engineers together. An ideal opportunity to get to know REO AG as an employer. The doors at REO AG are always open for talented minds, in the form of internships, dissertation support and, eventually, graduate opportunities.