Mains choke N CNW 903

Three-phase mains choke 4% Uk

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Mains choke N CNW 903

Three-phase mains choke 4% Uk



The new series not only scores with a faster delivery time, but also with the conservation of resources and increased efficiency.

Power Noise Reduction – save up to 20% energy costs. A mains choker relieved the supply network by compensating the harmonics reactive power. The harmonics and commutation notches are reduced strongly. By using a mains choke the inverter electronics and DC-capacitors will be protected.

Starting currents and current peaks are reduced up to 60%. Mains chokes helps to comply with international power quality standards IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-2.


  • Compact design
  • Extended service life of electrical consumers
  • Low temperature rise
  • Attenuation of current spikes up to 60%
  • Reduction of input current up to 20%
  • Low noise
  • Production according to UL insulation system E251513 possible

Typical applications

Drive technology, frequency, converters, Railway, E-Mobility and Test systems

Technical specifications

  • Rated voltage: U ≤ 3 x 500 V
  • Short circuit: Uk 4% (400VAC/50Hz, INenn)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • According to: EN 60289 / EN 61558
  • Test voltage: L-L 2500 V, DC 1min; L-PE 2500 V, DC 1min
  • Insulation class: T40/F
  • Protection rating: IP00
  • Climatic categorie: DIN IEC 60068-1
  • Overload: 1,5 x INenn 1 min / h
  • Design: standing on foot angle

Dimensions in mm

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