Cross-sector learning from railway technology

›› Heavy-duty product line suitable for a wide range of industries

The classic divisions of industries are breaking down more and more in a more networked and holistic product world. This requires interdisciplinary thinking from the development departments at REO already in the development of components regarding the versatile application possibilities of the finished products. This versatility is currently particularly evident in the use of railway components. Customers from a wide range of industries are increasingly relying on REO’s heavy-duty product line. Thanks to the partly modular design, the components are now used in mining, shipbuilding and large construction machinery. This trend is understandable, because REO components from railway technology are specially designed for use in an electric drive under the most adverse conditions. High dynamic forces and intensive continuous operation demand the highest level of quality. To achieve this quality, REO components are developed using state-of-the-art simulation technology before they are ready for the market, and the prototypes are tested and inspected under the toughest conditions. A key unique selling point for the longevity of REO components is the MPS (Moisture Protection System) protective coating. The protection developed by REO is an essential component of the REO insulation system and is available exclusively from REO. It is used from a contamination level of PD3A and protects the components reliably and in the long term against a variety of environmental influences. Together with a careful selection of raw materials, REO thus achieves a longevity and durability of the products that is unparalleled worldwide.

At REO you will find standard products that can be used across all industries, modified products and products specially designed for your application. Except for the laws of physics, there are no limits to our creativity. The first step to a suitable REO product is an enquiry, for example via the product finder on the REO website or by using the contact form. You don’t even need any technical background knowledge for this – just write us what application is planned and we will find the right product for you.

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